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Chimney Flashing Repairs and Maintenance

A leaky roof can be devastating for your property and it’s something you need to take care of promptly. Sometimes the reason is a faulty chimney flashing.

What is a Chimney Flashing?

It’s the sheet of metal that connects the chimney with the roof. The connection between the roof and the chimney needs to be watertight, otherwise, the elements can get to the plywood and beams in the roof, and with time if not taken care of, they get rotten and cause even more damage to the structure of the building.

Whether the flashing was not installed correctly at the time the chimney was installed or it’s near its expiration date and needs maintenance, JCY Construction can help. We are expert roofers so we know what we are doing and we can take care of your home’s chimney flashing repairs.

Expert chimney flashing repairs and proper maintenance help save your chimney and roof and keep them to lasts for years to come.

Protect your investment.

For all your roofing repair needs in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, the Finger Lakes, and Upstate NY, contact JCY Construction and ask for a free quote.