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Professionally Installed 


Why you want your skylights to be professionally Installed?

Rochester property owners can improve the features of their property and increase their value when installing skylights.

Among the benefits of skylights add to your property:

  • Added curb appeal
  • Energy efficiency
  • Additional ventilation
  • Additional lightning

New Skylight Installation

Installing a new skylight is an important investment you are making in your home, so you want to plan to maximize the benefits according to the purpose of this new feature.

A new skylight will not just require to cut the roof and install new shingles. It is an involved process that requires exacts measures and attention to details.

With over sixteen years of experience installing skylights, the professional installation team at JCY Roofing can help you make the right choice for all of the factors affecting energy efficiency and execution:

Directional Placement

An optimal skylight directional placement will be determined by reason or main use of the skylight. If you want constant cool illumination then a North-facing skylight is the most appropriate. If you want to maximize the heat transfer in both the winter and summertime, a South-facing skylight is recommended.

Glazing Materials

The translucent part of a skylight can be plastic or glass. Depending on the

Size of the Room

The optimal size for your Rochester Skylight is determined by the size of your room and the number of windows, according to the Department of Energy. As a rule of thumb, skylights in rooms with many windows should not exceed 5% of the floor space. If the room you are placing the skylight in does not have many windows, your skylight can be up to 15% of the room’s floor space.

Skylight Replacement or Maintenance

Leaking skylights can cause a serious problem for your property and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We can replace existing skylights and make them 100% waterproof!

Sun Tunnels

Similar to skylights, sun tunnels are a cost-efficient and beautiful way to add natural light to a room in your house, plus the energy-efficient benefits.

As professional contractors with ample experience in the installation of skylights in Rochester, NY, the Finger Lakes, and Upstate New York, JCY Construction can help you make the right decision.

Call us or request a quote for new skylights or maintenance.